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Detective bluecat: last chapter


Recently I was rereading Modoru-sensei's work and I felt ashamed for never finishing the scanlation of Aoneko. I had started a year ago but eventually lost all the cleaned pages and felt so frustrated that I didn't start again for well.. a year.

I don't think Motoni Modoru ever continued Aoneko. On her blog I couldn't find any updates on it. If anyone knows more feel free to tell me and I will update this message.

Well enjoy the chapter! :)
It's NSFW and as you might know not the typical BL work.

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A: Yes but I would like to know. The coloured scans may not be used though.

Q:Where can I find the chapters of Detective bluecat?
A: The first volumes have been done my fifay.net, I won't share
them here, other ones:

Q: is bluecat finished?
A: Volume six will be released soon! Scanlation of the first chapter will be done by me :) (with the help of others)

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A: This is my personal journal. I noticed over 100 people friended me,
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Release! Bluecat chapter 4 volume 6

Series: Detective Bluecat/Aoneko volume 6
Mangaka: Motoni Modoru

What you don't always expect, Motoni Modoru gives you in a yaoi manga.

You may not share this release anywhere else without my permission! I don't want to make a locked acount.


Series: Detective Bluecat/Aoneko volume 6
Mangaka: Motoni Modoru

Sorry for taking so long everyone! A few things went wrong and uni has been too hectic. In any case enjoy the release!

You may not share this release anywhere else without my permission! I don't want to make a locked acount.

So many people have added me which is okay, but besides scanlation releases my journal has almost nothing to do with yaoi! So I will only add people who have more in common.The bluecat releases will stay as public entries for no so don't worry about that

Series: Detective Bluecat/Aonekovolume 6
Mangaka: Motoni Modoru

It will take some time to release chapter 3 because I still need to scan it and find a translator. If anyone is interested in translating please pm me:)

You may not share this release anywhere else without my permission! I don't want to make a locked acount.

EDIT: so many people have added me which is okay, but besides scanlation releases my journal has almost nothing to do with yaoi! So I will only add people who have more in common.The bluecat releases will stay as public entries for no so don't worry about that

Series: Detective Bluecat/Aonekovolume 6
Mangaka: Motoni Modoru

You may not share this release anywhere else without my permission! I don't want to make a locked acount.

Notes: my super thanks to the translator, she offered her help at the Help_Japan auction and I'm super thankful :) I also had someone process the pics before cleaning but I'm afraid I lost the credits for that. The next chapter will be out next weekend! Sorry for the super long wait.

Slight delay for next chapter, it will be out in around 10 days! Japan Expo got in the way

Detective Bluecat update

It's been a long time but the first chapter of volume 6 is on its way =) hopefully I can release it soon, but I can't promise anything yet. I hope you all are looking forward to it as well~!

EFF photo report

This weekend the yearly Elf Fantasy Fair is held. And after having to miss it for quite some years I finally went again last Saturday! For those who don't know what it is, I have been told it's like a renaissance festival.
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Manga release/scanlation: Mellow Mellow

Title: Mellow Mellow
Doujinka: Shina Himetsuka
Series: Kuroshitsuji
Pairing: Sebastian/Ciel
Rating: 18+ shota
Team: Gloomy gloo scanlations and Kumi-kun(me)
Download: Mediafire
You may not share this scanlation anywhere else without permission.

Happ Valentine's day everyone!
Special thanks to keelieinblack for the awesome scans and gloomy_gloo for providing the translation and working with me on this project! Thanks guys :3 (full credits in the manga)

Motoni modoru/bluecat update

Motoni-sensei has updated her blog/schedule the last day of December. She says Detective bluecat/tantei aoneko is finished and will be published in april 2011.

There should also be an oneshot in one of the latest B-Boy magazines but I'm not sure about this.
And if I'm right she'll work on Stanley Hawk no Jikenbo afterwards.

I'm really glad that there's finally positive new about Bluecat! And I hope to get my hands one a copy as soon as possible :)

Shameless community spam

Just created this community with a friend and thought that some people on here might be interested.link
we created this community is to give yaoi fans a place on livejournal, a community for the latest news, discussions, releases, reviews, pictures. With the regular fun topics, interesting finds and sexy pics mixed between.

Motoni modoru update

Detective Bluecat has been postponed again, but they say it will be released this year so yay to that! But Motoni-sensei seems to have been very busy working on other mangas. And the publications in the B-boy magazine will continue so that's good. Also she doesn't seem to be doing too well, perhaps she's a bit overworked. She didn't take a break this summer.

Also there haven't been many scanlations lately, I tried finding translators myself but they all seem very reluctant to work on Motoni's mangas. It probably has something to do with the difficulty. Blissful Sin has dropped all the Motoni Modoru titles on Libre's request (Grand Guignol & Tanbishugi)

If these titles are being released in french as well I could consider a scanlation from that version. It could be a nice way to understand more of the mangas :)

-Entry is public for all those 84 of you who probably added me for the scanlations-


Volume 5, chapter 16B
End of volume 5

VOLUME 6 info:
According to motoni modoru's website the volume
has been delayed and will hopefully be released
in spring.


Volume 5, chapter 16B without extra crap:

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE this anywhere else,
without my permission. I have allowed
this scanlation to be shared before,
so it's easier to ask! :)

List of allowed websites/comms:
yaoi empire

not allowed:
Anywhere else, including on IRC.

Note: this it not a scanlation journal.
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Detective bluecat vol 5 chap15c and 16a

New releases!

Chapter 15c:

Chapter 16a:

Previous chapter here:

Have fun reading! And feel free to ask for new
links if the ones provided expired or something~
And remember:no sharing elsewhere without permission!
Asking permission is easy anyway ;)

After the previous release I noticed that some people
befriended me, please note that this is not a scanlation
journal, though feel free to add me.

graphics post

17 zuka icons, mostly Sumire haruno ones.
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Manga release/detective bluecat

Manga: detective bluecat/tantei aoneko
mangaka: motoni modoru
language: english:
volume: 5 chapter b
scanteam: renji14 and Kumi-kun(me)

download links:
version with pages in the right order:


Next chapter will be scanlated as well.
figured this was best way of hosting it.

Notes: Please DO NOT share this scanlation anywhere without my permission.

status: next chap; in translation ~ last 2 chaps: typesetting. these
will be released after the next chapter in the manga to avoid confusion.

yaoi titles

1.9th sleep
2.17 guys
3.24 jikan kiss
4.4 gou Keibi {The 4th Guard} --Single Mind--

1.Aimayo maiyo
2.a terrible man
3.abareru inu
5.addicted to love after school
6.koibito shigan/aplicant lover
7.koibito shigan/attractive body
8.after I get drunk on you/ after getting drunk on you
9.Akuma no sasayaki
10.akuma no himitsuF
11.a pair of lovers
12.aoi hitsuji no yume
13.aitsu to ore
14.after 14
15.amai kankei
17.aka no ori
18.akai Hana
19.A reason for earlobes
20.alluring sentiment
21.A desire boy
22.Arrested man
23.Ajin (shuuko)
24.Aijin incubus
25.Ai ga areba (koide)
26.Are you enemy? (miyamoto) chap 2+4a
27Another day on the planet (rules dj)
28.Anata wo matsu no 1shot (akane abe)
29.Anniversary (yuri/lili)
30.Acces (old)
31.Anata wo mamoritakute (minase masara)
32.Amayakana toge (miyamoto kano)
33.Aiyoku no canon (shinba rize oneshot)
34.Aka no ori (crap-oneshot)
35.Amai Nukumori/DP
36.Aoiro keiyaku/ike reibun
37.Arashi no ato/hikaki shouko/after a storm
38.agetai kimochi
39.anbalance lover
40.A single futon/saika kunieda
41.Ai no Houritsu
42.Agetai Kimochi
43.AI no DNA
44.Anata ga Oshiete Kureta Koto
45.Aikotoba wa Hallelujah
46.Ame nimo Mayuwanai/honjou rie
47.Ai ni Somare
48.Aigan Shounen
49.Ai no Kotoba mo Shiranaide

2.boku no koe (the sound of my voice)
3.branddoll mission
4.Blue cheer
5.Beautiful world
6.boku no kashin
7.Bukiyou de gomen
9.black cat cafe (chap 1)
10.Bara to Naifu/rose and knif dakishimeta
11.Before winter comes
12.Binan no dendoh
13.Brand new lover (not/love dj)
14.Boy next door
15.Blue drop (yuri lili)
16.Burning love twin (uzuki jun)
17.buchou to takeda kun (shushushu)
18.Blue sky love (honjou rien)
19.Boku dake no kimi (nano-dangerous)
20.Blue eyes/hoshino lily
21.Boy next door/miyamoto kano
22.Boys next door/kaori yuki
23.Bluecat tantei neko
24.Bitter sweet cafe
25.Boku ni datte ii bun ga iru/yamade yugi
26.body check
27.bokutachi no sotsugyou/saika kunieda
28.boku wa sakana-yumeka sumomo
29.Boku Dake ni Kiss wo Shite
30.Bed Room Tour!
31.Boku no koe
33.Before You Grow Up
34.Barairo Mitsubachi


2.Casino lily
3.cosplay cafe
4.Child epicurean
5.crazy for daddy (cute little devil)
7.can't stop loving you
8. Crimson spell
9.covetous you and insesible mehoshigari na kimi to futsuka
11.Crystal harem (oumi)
12.cynical world
13.Christmas cookies (shinba)
14.Claduine (yuri/lili)
15.Christmas eve present (yuri/lili)
16.Chiisana Glass no Sora
18.close your eyes---
19.choroize jigoku/ike reibun
31.Curse project
32.Cold Rain Of Happiness
33.Canvas ni Kuchizuke wo
35.Chokujou Lovers

1.denko sekka boys vol1/3
2.Dr yagami's love examination!
3.crazy for daddy (display house)
4.dear papa gentle
5.Denka sekka boys
6.Double face
7.dekiru otoko
9.Dog days (not love dj)
20.Demonic conversation (not/love dj)
21.Double house (trans/lili)
22.Double snake
23.Datte ai ja nai
25.Dare ga omea wo suki date yo/yamade yugi
26.darenimo aserina/yamada yugi
27.Dokunoaji/naono bohra
28.Don't Call Me Master
29.Dont stay gold/oneshot
30.dog style
32.Don't Call Me Master
34.Doutei Saizensen
36.Datenshi ni Sasageru Uta

1.egoist clergyman/Egoisto na Seishokusha
2.exclusive love contract
3.Every day I smile/hohoemi no nichijo/wishing our happy lucky days
5.Erotica (shux3)
6.Enslave lover
7.Embracing The Canvas
8.Ebisu/sakufu ajimine
9.escape/fuwa shinri
12.Eien ni Owaranai
14.Everyday Everynight

2.fake fur
3.Fairy garden
4.Furachi na Kare no Shitsukekata
5.friends like a lover
6.fool fool
7.fairy garden
8.forbidden sweet fruit
9.fujimi orcheastra
11.flower flwer (yuri)
12.Flowers that bloom in his garden chap 1+5+6+7
13.Friends (yuri/lili)
14.Free soul )yuri/lili)
16.From dusk till dawn (eli mama)
17.From five a clock till sunrise (tsubaki enomoto)
18.From yesterday/DP
19.Freezing flame/liquid passion
20.Flower children/flower dj/miyamoto kano
21.Furue Tsumore Shiawase no Hana
23.Futari de itai
24.Fortune Fortune
25.Finger Stinger

1.Ginchô Kidan
2.Go go kikaku
3.gokujou no koibito
4.koibito shigan/golden hair bunny/Boku no kinpatsu usagi-kun
5.good pet&master
8.Gentle warmth/a shameless night/Naono
9.Go con/gokujo rakuen tours (shuuko)
10.Greenhouse dancing club (yuri/lili)
11.gravity eyes
12.milk & bitter -gravity eyes-
13.Garasu no suna/wren tamaquis(not read shota)
14.glow vampire
15.Gyoukusenbou Yawa (not finished reading/sucked)
16.Gouman na Junai
17.General Dandy
18.Green Jade no Kaze

1.Hanairo no virgin soil
2.Honey boy spiral
3.crazy for daddy (heaven)
4.haitoko no lovesickness
6.Heart rate and master
7.hanaoto gorgeous
8.Hero heel
9.honey baby
10.halfmoon emotion
11.haru wa deita
12.Hareta yoru no hikari
13.Hoshigarimasen katsumade
14.Himitsu no naifu/dakishimetaku
15.haretara ii na/boy fish on waves/yamato
16.Homemade vampire/naono
17.Hinata/wishing our happy lucky days
18.Hana Mo Arashi Mo/a bird a dream/chap4/flower story
19.Hada no Ue ni Furu Hana/naono Dj/
20.Honey&honey (yuri) 1/7
21.Hara peoko mistuka chinko
23.Hydra 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8
24.Hareta yoru no hikaru (clear night sky)
25.Hands off my girl (yuri/lili)
26.Happy go lucky days 2+5 (yuri/lili)
27.Hidoi otoko (not minase)
28.Honoka na koi no danpen (duo brand)
29.Honenuki ni sareta(kitamaki ren)
30.Hisho wa shachou ni kudokareru/sucked
31.Hanataba ni te o agero/DP
32.Hoono no suna/wren temaquis
33.Hanjuku orange/safuku ajime
25.hero heel 1/3 chap 10
26.harcore heart
27.Hanakage no Kioku
28.Honki Ja Nee Kara
29.Hard Core Heart
30.Hana Sakasemashou
31.Hanakage no Kioku
32.Hitomi no Ori
33.Heart shock
34.Hoshigarimasen! Katsumade wa
35.Honoka na Koi no Danpen wo
36.Himitsu no Koibito Sengen
37.Hikari to yami no logic/hiiro reichi
39.Hikari to Yami no Logic
40.Hatsukoi Elegy
41.Hitomi no Mukougawa

1.Ikura Nandemo Sukisugiru
2.itsuwari no daisho
3.ijiwar no kibichuru nog wattes
4.ikoku irokoi romantan
6.Isso Mou, Kudokitai!
7.Imaginary lovers
8.I don't wanna hold on you
9.Iku Michi, Yobu Tsuki/ a bird in a dream chap2
10.I want to be naughty
11.ichiban sukina hito
12.I like every part of you (rize shinba) (called love squared)
13.If winter comes can spring be far behind?
14.Intense rain (shinra?)
15.Iro womo ka womo (hiiro reichi)
16.Ice eagle,fire hawk (Sakurai shushushu-af)
17.itoshii yubisaki
18.I'll cry tomorrow/yamada yugi
19.Into your heart trough the door/yamade yugi
20.Icey corridor/kaleidoscope
21.itsuka ame ga furu you ni/kunieda saika
22.ichiban no ai
23.I'll be watching you
24.Itazura Neko ni Goyoujin
25.Inu Catalog
27.Ikenai Otoko
29.I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone
30.Imadoki no Shishunki
31.Ikujinashi no Shiawase
32.innocent maze
33.Iro wo mo Kaori wo mo

2.junjou karen
3.Joouheika no oniwaban
4.Jun-ai virus
5.Jungle king! (sakurai shux3)
6.jingi nashi
7.Joushi no ikiniri (1)
8.Juusha to Oresama
9.Junai no Seinen

1.Kimi no Ai wa Mienikui
2.Kirai kiraimono
3.Kokoro to Karada no Hazama (minase masara)
4.Koi no katachi
5.Koi no okite
6.Kohitsuji Hokaku Keikaku
7.Kiken na hokeni counselor
8.koibito shigan/aplicant lover
9.koi ni nog watte
10.Kawaii gate (please love me)
11.kiss ja tomarenai
12.kimi ga koi ni ochiru
13.keijijo na bokura
14.koibito no kaikata/hohoemi/how to own a lover/wishing our happy lucky days
15. Koi no annahito/guide of love (YA)
-.Kare no niwa ni saku hana (jap title for miya title)
17.Kiss+kiss after (rules dj)
18.Koyua no seifuku (oumi shinano)
19.Kodomo ijou otona miman (Minase masara)
20.Kataomoi no nouki (oneshot)
21.Kouun no Rihatsushi (saichi nagato/oneshot)
22.Kyou hana no gotoshi
23.Kogareru yubisaki
24.Koiyama archive
25.Kanga no spoon/ike reibun
26.Kegarasu/yamade yugi
27.Kisa kirara e youkoso/shux3 sakurai
28.Koi no tsumeato vol 1/mieko koide
29.Kizoku no aoi kuchizuke
30.Komatta yatsu
31.Kokoro kikai/yumeka sumomo
32.Kon no ki konoha/yumeka sumomo
33.Koi ga bokura/motono modoru
34.Koi Wa Ina Mono Myouna Mono
36.Koi wo Shimashou (Let's Make Love)
37.Koi no Shizuku
38.Kimi ga Konote wo Hanarerunara
39.Ki Mama ni Tanteigyou
40.Kimi no Mukougawa
41.Katayoku no sokubaku
42.Karappo na Bokutachi
43.Koi no Katachi
44.Kimi Ni Sasayaku Mirai
46.Koi wa Keiyaku no Atode
48.Kimi no Mukougawa
49.Keep Out
50.Kawaii Hito - Pure
51.Kakenukerunara Kienaidekure
52.Kimi ni Sasayaku Mirai
53.Koufuku no Ouji
54.Konna Otoko ni Dare ga Shita
55.Kakeochi Kakugo!
57.Kiss to Kirai no Hantai
58.Kaibutsu Ouji
59.Kibishiku aishite/love me hard/honjou rie
60.Koi ja nai kedo
61.Konna Koi mo Warukunai
62.Koi Shika Dekinaiyo
63.Kimi wo Watareba
64.Katsuai Monster
65.Koakuma no Sanctuary
66.Kirai ja Naikedo
67.Kedamono Nanbiki?
68.Koushaku no Himeta Kuchizuke
69.Kunshu no Ai wa Yoru ni Hana Saku
70.Konna Otoko wa Aisareru
71.Kibishiku Aishite {Love Me Hard}
72.Koyoi wa Kimi to Chi no Kisu
73.Kanashii Kotoba
74.Kizoku no Aoi Kuchizuke
75.Koutetsu no Daitenshi

1.last client
2.love prism
3.Love & Action
5.love skit
6.love cure
7.Love material
8.love sweat
9.Love pet
10.Love life
11.like the barren wasteland
13.Love hustler
14.love revenge/a cowards happiness/part b
15.love snatcher/a desire boy/Naono
16.Love and reticence/a desire boy/naono
17.lovers prison
18.Love my poem (yuri)
19.Lovers and souls
20.Love vibes (yuri/lili)
21.Lay soft kisses upon my eyelits (yuri/lili)
22.let's make a wish (unfinished) (haiji sakura)
23.Long way home (miyamoto kano)
24.Love damage
25.Lovers position
26.Loup garou gokou (oneshot)
27.lover's mode (crap)
28.Love or pride
29.Laugh under the sun/yamade yugi
30.La partita
31.lingerting on the way/saika kunieda
32.love kitchen
34.love letter
35.lamb of god
36.Light and shadow
37.Lucky kun
38.Let's get together in shibuya
39.Love Romance Sweet Kiss
40.Last client
41.Love Together
42.Love or Pride
43.Love Together
44.Love Wars

1.Mikansei na Karada
2,man on
5.magical travel boy
6.Mamotte Agemasu
7.miracles don't happen
8.manatsu no zanhou
9.midara na sasayaki
10.mudo na koto shinashou
11.minds eyes
12.~love like newlyweds
14.mimi paradise
15.monkey's bath time
16.sadistic boy-my true heart
17.Ma cherie
18.mix mix chocolate
19.Miwak no ringo (chap 3)
20.Mitsugetsukei honey
21.memories of the snow/naono
22.Midnight sun/sequel:hinata
23.Moment/a bird in a dream/naono
24.mooney (kano)
25.Midnight carrier
26.Maka Maka (yuri/lili)
27.Midareru mam ni (oneshot)
27.Momoiro saeru suman (nagoku banana)
28.Mor no animal company
29.Me de sheruru yoru/1 vol 2 vol not scanlated
30.Motto midaru/DP
31.Man who wouldn't fall in love/miyamoto kano
32.Maichibito/minase masara
33.Masaka no futari/naono bohra
34.Mizu nurumu
35.Mata ashita/machiya hatoko
36.Mister mermaid
37.May miracle/saika kunieda
38.Mitsumete itai
29.mitsuiro pancake/oneshot
30.Mitsu no Tsumatta Joushi
31.Melancholic Trickster
33.Mukizu ja Irarenee
35.Me wo tojite oide yo/hiiro reichi
36.Men's Love
37.Mayonaka no Untouchable
38.My Bodyguard
39.Mada Koi Towa Shirazu ni
40.Me wo Tojite Oide Yo

1.No toy
2.non-security hole
3.Naive gespent
5.Night walk (miyamoto)
6.not/love (brand new lover in transl)
7.Not all chics are retards (yuri/lili)
8.Netsujou innocence
9.Natsu kashiro no roshiane
10.netsu no ori/inariya fusanosuke/oneshot
11.nightS by yoneda kou
12.Nayamuhodo Nara Koi to Yobe!
13.Neji no Kaiten
14.Naisho de Alleluya
15.Nonstop Love Train
16.Netsujou Innocence

1.Oki ni masu mamam
2.Over dose
3.Oki ni mesu mama
4.Oh! my maid
5.omoi shire
6.Obareru Kankei/a desire boy/chap5/naono
7.Oyasumi darling
8.Our fake relationship (yuri/lili)
9.Osananajimi no hatsukoi kyoushitsu (oneshot)
10.Otoyami no mori/naono bohra/dj
11.one night lesson
12.Onozomi no mama/maruya kea
23.Oresama tengoku!/sonoko sakuraga
24.ore wa waruku/yamade yugi
25.Onsen tarzan
26.Okubyou na yubisaki
27.Okujou fuukei
28.Oujisama no Kiss
29.Our Love Manual
30.Obareru Kankei
31.Oteuchi Kakugo!
32.Omoi to Jikkan to Sono Mukou
33.Ochiru Seija no Seppun
34.One Million Kisses
35.Ou to Hiyaku ~Keisei Kobanashi~
36.Obou-chama no Yarutoori
37.Oboreru Kemono no Koibito
38.Ore no Mune de Sake
39.Only You
40.Open Air

1.Pretty scoop
2.Hoshi no Yakata/ Palace of the stars
3.after I get drunk on you/pet grooming
4.paranoid next neightboorhood
5.pleasure points
6.punch drunk babies
7.pet of love
8.Pieta (yuri/lili)
9.Please god-minami qta (yuri/lili)
10.Piano lesson (yuri/lili)
11.Plica 1-25 (yuri/lili)
12.Prisoner (part of ice eagle, shushushu)
13.Pure love in roppongi
14.picnic story 3 & 4
15.Posion cherry drive
16.Pleasure fortunes
17.poet was built in a day
18.paradise heaven
21.Petshop Boys
22.Portrait in blue

1.rare love
2.renai a la carte
3.renai junkie
4.Renai no skill
5.Retsujyou no meikyou (labyrint of lust, kanbe)
6.Real things (rules dj)
7.Rules 1/3
8.Rules another story (rules unpublished novel text)
9.rainy love
10.reason for earlobes
11.robe man
12.romantic/motoni modoru/oneshot
13.rinjin wo aisou
14.Rumble Rush
16.Ratsuwan Shachou no Hiru to Yoru
17.Rakuen no Pet
18.Risky Crime
19.Ryoshuu Reijin
20.Rikugun Renai Shikan Gakkou

2.sweet restaint
3.steal moon
4.Sympathetic pins
5.slim bride/Boku no Dokusaisha
7.skincream de nurashite
8.koibito shigan/sweet home
9.after I get drunk on you/secret work room after class
10.secret desire under the uniform
11.sweet but nasty
12.sadistic boy (tori maia)
13.saihite no kimi e
15.sweet but nasty
16.strange love
17.sweet erogenous (haruka minami)
18.star na koi
19.steady study
20.Saa Koi ni Ochitamae (Fall in Love with me) (yamato nase)
23.Slave of love/a cowards happiness/part a
24.Sexual harasment punisher (oumi)
25.Strip (haruka)
26.Skies 9rules dj)
27.Song birds (rules dj)
28.Shibuya district (yuri/lili)
29.Shiro heya no futari (yuri/lili)
30.Sweet 16 (yuri/lili)
31.Surprise party (yuri/lili)
32.Sonoki ni sasenaid (tenzen momoko/sucked)
33.Sarou no ryoshuu (sakura ryuou)
34.Roumantei no jyuuin shinomune (sakuraga sonoko)
35.Servant's master
36.Share (anna-oneshot)
37.Shiosai (kamuro-oneshot)
38.Scent of romance/Fujisaki Kou
39.Sweet private secretary (jet monster)
40.Sound masturbation
41.Sangen tonari
42.Seinen sai/yamade yugi
43.Short cut love/minase masara
44.Sensei no kokuhaku/yamato nase/liquid passion
45.Secret/hinako takanage
46.Sono kami/duo brand
47.Sensei wakarimasen
48.Soshite koi ga hajimaru/yumeka sumomo
49.Shinuhodo Suki/yamada yugi
50.same cell organimse
51.Signal red baby-kitamaki ren
52.summertime memory/kunieda saika
53.suki de shikatanai/narazaki neneko
54.secret news/naono bohra
55.sabku no oujisama/shux3
56.serenade/tatsukawa kazuto/oneshot
57.sweet dog food/watanabe asia
58.safari/nishimura shuuko/oneshot
59.SHout out loud
60.Shounen wa Ashita wo Korosu (The Boys With Tomorrow to Conquer)
61.Strawnerry life: lyrical ghost story/oneshot
62.seigo no mikata/oneshot
63.Sweet VS home
64.Sore wa Tabetewa Ikemasen
65.Shiawase no Category
66.Shachou to Watashi
67.Sawatte, Tokashite
69.samishii Yoru no Himitsu
70.Secret Forest
71.Shinyuu Henjou!
74.Sukidatte Iwanai!
75.Sore wa Yappari Koi no Sei!?
77.Suki no Mebae
78.Seishun no Yamai wa
79.Shitsuji wa Oose no Mama ni
80.Supreme Kiss
81.Soshite Boku wa Koi wo Suru
82.Sensei no Kudokikata
83.Shijou Senyuuritsu
84.Sensei, Wakarimasen
85.Shitsuji Kyoushi no Renai Jugyou
86.Surf Junkie
87.Sunao ni Narenai Otokotachi

1.Utsukushii Kereba Sore de Ii
2.uureru don quixoute (shinba)
3.Under the ceiling (yuri/lili)
4.Usagi to ookami no shinshi kyoutei (oumi shinano) (finished chap 6-9)
6.Uncontrol (oneshot-af)
7.Usotsuki wa Dareda/yukimura
8.Unbalanced heat/misare minase
9.Uwase no futari
10.Under the sky/miyamot kano
11.Ushirogata no natsu no neko/kunieda saika
12.under grand hotel/mika sadahiro
13.under the cherry tree/miyamoto kano
14.Unmei Nante Shinjinai
16.Umaimon Kuwasero!
17.Uso to Coffee to Amai Kiss
18.Usotsuki ~ Love Letter

1.Tsugunai no Yukue
2.Take me to heaven/Tsureteke tengoku (yamato nase)
3.koibito shigan/Tanoshii Doushitsu seikatsu no Jouken
4.after I get drunk on you/the other side of the glass/impulsive love
5.after I get drunk on you/The Little Housekeeper's Daily Routine of Serving the Master
6.razy for daddy (the sun and the north wind) (chi ran)
7.the strengt of a pure soul (yamane ayano)
8.the guide of love
9.touch me baby/ushiro no shonen darling
10.throbbing confession (one shot star no koi)
11.The art of loving (eki eki)
12.Tadaima syugyoutyuu (in training chap4)
13.Three wolves
14.Tie me up with your love (chap 1 and 6)
15.tenki youhou no koibito (up to 2)
16.today's skies (shinba)
17.Trouble love candy (kanbe)
19.The reason we live together (not love dj)
20.Tour shangri-la (nishimura shiuko)
21.Top of the lip (kunieda)
22.Torawarebito (masara minase)
24.Twin's labyrint
25.Tsuki no ichido/ ike reibun
26.toritsu mahou gakuen/hoshino lily
27.the sleeping man/saika kunieda
28.Taka ga koi Daro/yamade yugi
29.The Sickness in Youth [Seishun no Yamai wa]
30.tenshi no tame (crap)
31.Ten dollars
32.Tsuki to Ookamiotoko
33.Tsuki Yadoru
35.Tsumuiji Ni Kiss
36.Three Wolves Mountain
37.Tsuki no Hikari ni Terasarete
38.The Loneliness I Whisper to You
40.Tennen + Gokuraku Mahoutsukai
42.Take Love Easy (oneshot)
43.Tooi Nemuri
44.Tsumibito no Kiss
45.Tsuki no Hikari mo Todokudarou
46.Tokidoki, Sekai wa Utsukushi
48.The Buddy System
49.Tsuyameku Hishatai

1.welcome to the Chemestry class (honjou rie)
2.warai yume
3.when a man loves a man (youka nitta)
4.Wild fish
5.Warui yume
6.wild rock
7.Why we live together (not/love dj)
8.Water (yuri/lili)
9.Wane koi tsumi (hoshino lily)
10.warera no mizu wa doko ni ai ru
11.Waltz with a black cat
12.wild and strawberry
13.Whip on!
14.Without You
15.When Love Comes Too Abruptly

1.View finder series (yamane ayano)
2.Vanity (rules dj)
3.V hunter (yuri/lili)

1.Yoru no hanabira
2.Yoike no sumi machi
3.yellow (makoto tateno)
4.Yokan (makoto tateno)
6.youkubari wa damerano
7.yami no tooboe (naono bohra)
8.Yokubou no riyuu/reason for desire dakishimatena
9.A desire boy/a desire boy/chap1
10.Yuigonjou yori ai wo komete (premonition of a promise)
11.Yubisaki wa koi no aji (honjou rie)
12.Yuri tengoku anthology
13.Yume miru youni dakar etai (shux3)
14. Yubisaki no Kiseki
15.Yashiro no naka (oneshot)
16.Yunatama/asia watanabe (oneshot)
17.yarashii hirusagari/yamada yugi
18.Yume wo miru himo mo nai/yamade yugi
19.Yubisaki no Koi
20.Yume ni Tobu Tori
21.Yami ni Tooboe, Mune ni Toge
22.Yokubou Shounen
23.Yasashiku Sokubaku Shiteageru
24.Yume wo Miru Hima mo Nai
25.Yaoi Fairy Tales

1.Zangoku/cruel games
2.Zenbu ore no mono/me sakuraga
3.Zense to Gense to Kimi to Ore
4.Zenmon no Taro, Koumon no Ookam

760- 4 december 2010

These mangas are not all on my pc, so don't have the downloads.